Cast from Visceral Strata

Cast from Visceral Strata is an installation designed to heighten the viewer’s awareness of their own physicality. Various surfaces and forms; both 3D printed and 3D rendered are employed to goad viewers into an uneasy state. This vague corporeal and medical aesthetic is meant to spark curiosity and encourage visceral reflex; ultimately reminding the viewer of their own fragility and mortality.

I seek to provoke such a response in order to offer a cathartic outlet for the death-anxious, or (conversely) abstract memento mori for those who are not naturally preoccupied with their own mortality. Psychological treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy have influenced my approach to encourage a productive and engaging experience for the viewer. My overarching priority to convert visual stimuli into a physical and emotional response comes from an acknowledgement that the sensation of vulnerability is equivalent to the raw sensation of being alive.